Commercial Upholstery

Furniture in commercial spaces tends to experience far more abuse than it would in your home’s living room. Because of their everyday use, they often deteriorate faster, damaging their overall appearance and functionality. Replacing that furniture can be exceedingly costly to any business – that’s why commercial furniture restoration and repair is your best option.

At The Upholstery Shop in Longview, Texas, we specialize in commercial furniture upholstery services. We utilize both modern equipment and traditional techniques to restore your business’s furnishings with a keen eye for detail and aesthetic value, matching your carpets, curtains, walls, wood colors, and any other feature to create an attractive, appealing environment for your customers.

Reupholstering the furniture in your business helps you to save money while breathing new life into your place of work. Your customers will recognize a welcoming, well-maintained environment from the moment they enter. From exam beds and waiting room furnishings in hospitals to booths and chairs in restaurants throughout East Texas, our commercial upholstery work provides tremendous value for our customers.

Our long history in the commercial upholstery industry in Tyler, Longview, Jacksonville, Bullard, Kilgore, and even as far as Shreveport, Louisiana has helped us build relationships with countless businesses. From major hospitals, movie theaters, and restaurants to the smallest mom-and-pop shops in our local downtowns, we have the experience and passion needed to get the job done right.

For more information on our commercial upholstery services, furniture repair, furniture refinishing, contact The Upholstery Shop today.

Residential Upholstery

The Upholstery Shop provides custom residential upholstery services throughout East Texas and neighboring Louisiana. From Terrell to Shreveport, if you have an old piece of furniture that needs work or simply want to make alterations to a new piece, we are the go-to upholstery experts near you.

Our upholstery services are designed to keep your furniture in its best possible condition for years to come. Thanks to our excellent upholstery materials and high quality fabrics, we can dramatically improve worn out sofas, chairs, love seats, and couches.

And remember your grandmother’s old chair? Don’t let it gather dust in the corner – let us give it a new sense of a purpose and vibrancy of life. Our wide range of custom residential upholstery services include:

Thanks to our decades of experience in the upholstery industry, we’ve had the opportunity to work with countless families to help them restore and add value to their furniture. Our goal is to work closely with our customers to ensure the highest level of satisfaction possible and allow our work to speak for itself. To learn more about The Upholstery Shop, give us a call to arrange an estimate on your residential upholstery needs.